By Hunters code of conduct or ‘netiquette’

At By Hunters we strive to deliver "best in class" digital solutions and experiences to give people the power to build communities and bring the outdoor world closer together. We want to support people who thrive by the outdoors living their passion - hunters. We are offering a digital platform offering our social media app and channels which are enabling the users to create groups and guilds to foster interesting and rewarding online communities, where people can share experiences, stay connected, get inspired, and learn together. We love to hear your ideas and opinions, but please show respect for all members of our online community.

The By Hunters Code of Conduct defines the expectations we have for how we interact with each others and how we make decisions. The importance of being a part of a greater dedicated community demands we must all commit to holding ourselves to a high standard. This is why we expect everyone at By Hunters - leaders, managers, individual contributors, partners and users - to follow our Code of Conduct, advocate for others to do the same, and feel empowered to speak up when they need help or have questions.

Together, we use this Code of Conduct to keep building better.

Members of the By Hunters community are expected to

By Hunters reserves the right to remove any content or comments that:

As a last resort, By Hunters reserves the right to ban from our digital platforms and our social media channels any person, organisation or company who violates our code of conduct.

If you have a question or comment that is not appropriate to share on the public social media channel, please send us a direct message or email at